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Step 1: Lock it in baby

Oh you Like me? I like you too!

Let’s complete your booking form and lock in your date with a

booking deposit. 


Step 2: The legal stuff & the fun stuff

Let’s catch up to sign the of Intended Marriage Form 13 (aka The NOIM), and the Declaration of no Legal impediment to marriage.

I will bring both of these forms to our catch up, so you don't have to worry about a thing. 

First we sign, and then, we plan your ceremony! 

Step 3: Homework

A couple’s questionnaire will be coming your way!

You’ll be asked to complete one each and return them back to me 6 weeks before the ceremony. 


Step 4: Scripting

Time to sit back and relax whilst I work my magic and start scripting your ceremony!

(I do this using the content from your completed questionnaire)


Step 5: Rehearsal (optional)

Lets get together, or jump on the phone and run through this! 


Step 6: Wedding Bells!

The big day, let’s make it magical.


Step 7: Wrap it up

Post ceremony, its my job to submit the required documentation within 14 days to Births

Deaths and Marriages, to officially register your marriage.

Step 8: Order your marriage certificate - (requirement of changing your name)

Roughly 2-4 weeks after the ceremony, you will receive a text & email from BDM with an invoice. 

If you wish to change your name, pay the invoice and receive your offical marriage certificate in the mail. (This certificate can only be issued by BDM, not your celebrant). 


Step 9:

Skip off into the sunset and live happily ever after,

Make sure you stay in touch with this proud little celebrant mama! 

The Process: Text
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